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There’s nothing like a delicious tropical drink to get you in the holiday mood. Our magnificent bars offer a range of classic and signature cocktails to delight the senses. Watch our world-renowned mixologist's weekly show, learn how to create your own concoctions or simply enjoy our themed cocktail of the evening for a delightful experience of Sun Mixology.

Expertly crafted blends

At our hotel, we create wonderful signature cocktails to ensure our guests have the quintessential island holiday, complete with delicious tropical drinks. Each of our bars offer a unique drinks list, tailored specifically to its theme, providing guests with a wide range of novel cocktails to choose from. Learn how to make these delectable drinks yourself in a cocktail making class or be inspired by our world-renowned mixologist’s cocktail show. Each night we create special cocktails to match the specific theme of the buffet. We also mix delicious non-alcoholic versions for children.