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La Pirogue 5-Day Wellness Offer

An incredible journey of wellbeing

Spoil yourself to an incredible journey of holistic wellbeing and tranquillity with our sensational 5-day wellness offer. From incredible yoga classes to exceptional, world-class treatments from tip to toe, the expert therapists at Sugar Beach’s Cinq Mondes Spa will have you looking and feeling your best, allowing you to fully enjoy and embrace your holiday in paradise.

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5 days of complete bliss at Sugar Beach’s Cinq Mondes Spa which includes the following:
- Professional yoga classes.
- Day 1: Time to relax in the hammam (recommended) followed by a 20-minute Energising Aromatic Scrub in the hammam and a 50-minute Relaxing North African Massage Ritual.
- Day 2: A 20-minute session of “Kansu” Bowl Indian reflexology followed by a 50-minute “Five Flowers Ritual” Illuminescence Facial Treatment.
- Day 3: Time to relax in the hammam (recommended) followed by a 50-minute Udarabhyanga Detox Treatment Massage.
- Day 4: Time to relax in the hammam (recommended) followed by an 80-minute Revitalising Taoist Massage. 
- Day 5: A 50-minute Tonifying Indian Ayurvedic Massage followed by a 20-minute Brazilian Slimming Treatment.

Terms & Conditions:

- The price of this exceptional 5-day package is €572 per person
- Valid until 31/10/2020


To book this offer, kindly contact us at [email protected]