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Tribe at La Pirogue

October 19 2018

La Pirogue—the four-star boho-chic hotel that graces Mauritius’ west coast—is a remarkable holiday destination. On top of its gorgeous natural surrounds and lush coconut grove bordered garden, it’s a wonderfully unique resort in that it is imbued with a distinctly authentic Mauritian charm—thatched roofed ground floor bungalows are enveloped by vivid green gardens and all like a mere couple of meters from the sea. Mauritian-inspired restaurants, serving sensational local delicacies, and authentic signature experiences make this extraordinary hotel one for the books.
On top of its breathtaking surrounds, postcard-perfect beach, dazzling aquamarine lagoon and authentic flavour, this sublime hotel offers an array of activities, experiences and adventures for the ultimate family getaway or a memorable trip with your beloved.
With an immersive, authentically Mauritian essence at the heart of the concept of La Pirogue, it’s understandable for guests to wonder what “authentically Mauritian” actually means. Mauritius is, after all, a smorgasbord of cultures and religions with obvious influences from India, Asia, Europe and Africa. Sometimes it means celebrating elements of Mauritius that have evolved from their influences (like the Mauritian cuisine) and other times, it means exploring each of the different cultural influences themselves. The latter has spurred on one of La Pirogue’s latest offerings; Tribe.
Here’s what you need to know about this exceptional experience hosted by La Pirogue:
It’s inspired by Mauritius’ African heritage
Mauritius, located just off the east coast of Africa, has a fascinating history which explains the eclectic multi-cultural nation it is today. The Indian Ocean gem was said to be discovered by the Arabs back in the 10th century but it was only colonised once the Dutch, and then the French, set foot and took ownership of the island, bringing with them their western ways, causing dodos to become extinct and putting the ebony trees on the brink of extinction on the island. The colonialists also brought in slaves to work on the tobacco and sugar plantations and many of these slaves came from Africa (from places such as Zanzibar and Madagascar) and later. These African people and their families came to form much of the Creole population on the island, a population which still exists today. 
The newly introduced La Pirogue experience, aptly named Tribe, is an ode to the incredible African heritage which now forms an integral part of the country’s fabric. This modern African concept is inspired by a few wonderful African elements, where guests can enjoy a night of fire shows, African-influenced music, drums and delicious food. 
It provides the perfect balance of culinary delights and entertainment

afican night la pirogue

The extraordinary African-inspired spectacle guests can enjoy with Tribe is perfectly balanced with a huge selection of phenomenal Creole and African dishes. Indulge in beautifully prepared fresh seafood, feast on delicious meat dishes and satisfy your taste buds with novel sides, salads, snacks and desserts while embracing the evening’s entertainment; the fire performance, African show, drumming session and DJ—Tribe is sure to be a feast for the senses.  
It first launched in September
A phenomenally unique concept, Tribe has only just been launched with its debut having been the 28 September 2018. An exclusive and truly special experience, Tribe is only offered once a month, where guests lucky enough to be in Mauritius on the dates that coincide with this event are in for an Africa-flavoured evening to remember. Bookings are highly recommended as Tribe, which takes place at the gorgeous beachside Le Morne Beach Bar, is open to guests, non-guests and Mauritian locals looking for a memorable way to spend an evening in paradise. 
It starts at sunset

musicians at tribe la pirogue mauritius

Just when you think Tribe couldn't get much better, one of the best parts is that it starts just as the sun is about to make its slow descent towards the horizon. Sundowners are offered from 18h30, where you can select one of the exciting Africa-inspired cocktails made by La Pirogue’s expert Sun Mixologist, followed by dinner which runs from 19h00 to 22h00. Indulge in flavourful concoctions as you watch the beautiful surrounds illuminated by the gorgeous colours of sunset.
For a nominal additional fee, guests can experience the African atmosphere and the very best that La Pirogue has to offer, with incredible entertainment, sublime culinary offerings and an unlimited selection of delicious cocktails—Tribe is sure to be unforgettable.
If you would like to book a stay at La Pirogue or would simply like to book your spot for the next Tribe experience, you can contact us here. Trust us—this is an evening you don’t want to miss.  

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