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The Top Windsurfing Spots in Mauritius

October 25 2017

The Top Windsurfing Spots in Mauritius

Mauritius rises out of tropical azure waters like an emerald gem, covered in volcanic peaks, thick tropical forests and vivid green sugarcane plantations that stretch as far as the eye can see. It’s an intrepid traveller's dream destination with its multicultural heritage, fascinating history, unique sights and rich flavourful food. And, of course, that’s before we even delve into the possibilities when it comes to outdoor and water-based activities, making it a prime location for active globetrotters.
If you are in search of the ultimate windsurfing destination, then this is it. Awe-inspiring, tropical lagoons remain flat (for the most part) and are protected by vivid coral reefs, which give way to a range of wave breaks. This, coupled with a phenomenal climate and stellar conditions practically year-round, makes windsurfing in Mauritius a popular pastime and a huge drawcard for those looking for a windsurfer’s paradise. The ‘ideal’ time to plan a trip to go windsurfing in Mauritius is between May and December, with August through to October rumoured to have the most consistent conditions. The tricky part is less when to go and more where to go. Here are five of the best places to go windsurfing in Mauritius:

Le Morne


Le Morne Brabant Mauritius

By far the most famous windsurfing spot in the whole of Mauritius, Le Morne offers riders of varying abilities the quintessential spot to test their mettle in the shadow of a UNESCO World Heritage Site—the historic rocky outcrop of Le Morne Brabant. Boasting a massive lagoon, reliable wind conditions throughout the year and a host of waves of varying potency, this is the ultimate windsurfing spot, whether you are a beginner or an expert rider looking for your next thrill. The glorious expanse of turquoise waters allow for freestyle, slalom or freeride sessions. The wave riders will undoubtedly be drawn to the reef passes, but it’s important to be careful—these can be hazardous, especially for those who are not yet skilled to test them out. One of the most ideal spots in Le Morne is the Kite Lagoon, where beginners have ample opportunity to learn the ropes of windsurfing in a safe place with great conditions.

For expert wave riders, the pull of the famous One Eye will be irresistible. This notoriously challenging spot gained international fame in the 70s and has been a dream spot for surfers, kitesurfers and windsurfers since. However, this is not for the faint-hearted and should only be tackled by those with the skill to do so. Strong, fast, steep left-hand peaks break here heavily and are typically accompanied by strong currents. If you do attempt it, be sure to employ the services of the rescue boats before getting in the water. Those not quite ready to risk it can try the softer breaks of Manaway or the gentler lefts of Small Reef, where skills can be fine-tuned and jumps practised. The one downside of this windsurf utopia is the crowds it attracts. With a concentration of kite schools in the area and the number of water sports enthusiasts from around the world, journeying to Le Morne in search of the perfect wave, make for a challenging ride dodging swimmers, snorkelers and other water-lovers as you go.

Pointe d’Esny


Pointe D'esny Mauritius

A winter windsurfer’s dreamland, Pointe d’Esny offers incredible conditions practically throughout the year. In fact, it’s such a great spot, that many international competitions take place here annually and the locals have nicknamed it their “pool”. A huge, pristine lagoon, laps perfect white shores, and enjoys easterly onshore winds. Best ridden in low tide, this magnificent spot is great for freestyle, slalom and speed racing, and it makes great learning grounds for beginners.

Poste Lafayette

Situated along the northeastern shore of Mauritius, the seaside village of Poste Lafayette has a wonderfully prime spot for kite surfers and windsurfers alike. Mauritius’ ‘winter’ months (May to October) tend to bring consistent, powerful winds to a sizable lagoon. With phenomenally flat waters, this is a great spot for beginners to practice a range of techniques and find their feet. Despite its excellent conditions, it doesn’t tend to be crowded, which means you won’t have to compete for lagoon space.
The more experienced thrill seekers will be tempted by the wave breaks in the passes along the reef barrier, but proceed with caution. These areas can be dangerous, so ensure that you don’t get too close, and ideally, make sure that someone is keeping an eye on you from the shore, just in case. Best ridden in high tide (low tide tends to reveal coral heads which can be difficult to navigate), this spot shouldn’t be missed on a trip to Mauritius. The area also borders an incredible national park, Bras d’Eau, a great place to take a break from the sun, water and wind.

Trou d’Eau Douce

Found along the southeastern coast of Mauritius, this stretch of paradise is a windsurfing hotspot, with consistent winds practically throughout the Mauritian winter. Situated close to the fabled Ile aux Cerfs, Trou d’Eau Douce (meaning “pure water hole” in English) is a popular spot for tourists, which means the lagoon can be quite crowded with water-loving revellers as well as fishing and tourist boats. That’s part of the reason it’s best reserved for intermediate riders looking to freestyle, speed sail and freeride in the lagoon that tends to widen as you move ride towards the south. Again, the reef channels are dangerous and things can go wrong very quickly if you get too close, so err on the side of caution and keep your distance. Being so close to Ile aux Cerfs, it would be a travesty not to visit the spectacular island for some sun-drenched splendour.

Belle Mare


Belle Mare Beach

Characterised by some of the most outstanding beaches in all of Mauritius, Belle Mare, situated along the island’s untamed east coast, is as much a haven for windsurfers as it is for sun worshippers. The crystalline azure waters of the massive lagoon provide an excellent playground for windsurfers of all abilities to enjoy blissful slaloming sessions, freestyle stints or freerides, with the occasional option to ride some small, manageable waves by the reef. However, you should only windsurf here during high tide, as the lagoon is too shallow during low tide.
Easterly sea winds blow on Belle Mare practically every day, making this a superb windsurfing location throughout the year. On the days without wind, it’s the perfect place to explore the underwater world by snorkelling or diving and the lagoon is magnificent for stand up paddle boarding. While a phenomenal spot to embrace windsurfing in Mauritius at it’s best, it allows you to do so without the overwhelming crowds of the ever popular Le Morne. Post-windsurf, indulge in some authentic Mauritian delicacies at one of the excellent hotel restaurants nearby, complete your day with a refreshing cocktail and soak up the sublime surroundings—this is paradisiacal island living at its finest.

Looking for an exceptional base from which to enjoy some of the best windsurfing spots on the island? Then look no further than Long Beach Situated along the unparalleled eastern coast of Mauritius, our chic hotel is perfect for thrill-seekers and active guests. Apart from our signature hospitality, exquisite accommodation and prime location, we offer a plethora of land and water-based activities, so that guests looking to embrace the gorgeous surroundings, can do so in whichever way their heart desires.

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