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Memorable Sundowners at La Pirogue

January 31 2019

Click below to listen to the music that you've heard at La Pirogue:

There’s nothing not to love about the tropical island of Mauritius; gorgeous volcanic landscapes give way to white, coconut fringed palm trees and sparkling blue lagoons. It’s a stunning holiday destination for honeymooners, families, solo adventurers and loved up couples looking for a memorable getaway. With a wealth of varied activities, sensational food and fascinating sites, there’s quite literally something in Mauritius for everyone. 


La Pirogue


Mauritius is also an absolutely fabulous destination for those looking for some serious rest and relaxation with the backdrop of paradisiacal perfection. Where delicious food, luxury hotels and beachside moments embracing every minute spent in the breathtaking surrounds is part and parcel of the experience. And one particularly special moment celebrated every day in Mauritius? Sunset.

Set along the stunning west coast, La Pirogue is by far one of the best places in Mauritius to watch the sensational island sunset; a natural spectacle that paints the island in hues of gold, pink, orange and red. It’s a stunning sight and witnessing it, cocktail in hand, is the quintessential way to end a magical day in paradise. 

La Pirogue prides themselves on going above and beyond to ensure that every experience at their resort is absolutely extraordinary, which is why they have launched their special sundowner DJ sessions to enhance the experience of sunset along the gorgeous west coast.

Here’s what you need to know about La Pirogue’s sundowner sessions:

Delectable sundowners are offered every day

Because each sunset in Mauritius is so incredibly beautiful and presents a unique spectacle of light, La Pirogue offers their sundowner sessions every day. Guests can make their way to Le Morne Beach Bar right on La Pirogue’s flawless beach from 17:00/17:30 till 19:00/19:30 daily (times may vary slightly depending on the day, you will be able to find the exact information in the daily programme at La Pirogue), to enjoy delicious cocktails and unbelievable beats played by a local DJ to set the perfect island scene for your holiday in paradise. 


La Pirogue


It’s open to guests and non-residents alike

The wonderful thing about the new sundowner sessions is that its open to guests and non-residents of La Pirogue alike—everyone can make the most of this memorable experience. While the drinks ordered will determine the cost for non-residents and some of the guests of La Pirogue for this experience, it’s already included in the all-inclusive guest package. 

An esteemed international DJ sets the mood for the perfect evening

To make the incredible experience of sundowners at sunset along the sublime west coast all the more phenomenal, the drinks are accompanied by the sounds of DJ JP Chronic who hails from Spain. JP Chronic has played across Europe and he has released a plethora of mixes and remixes featuring an array of artists. With everything from downtempo, house and tribal beats to techno and deep electronic hits, you can be sure that this DJ knows exactly how to set the mood for any party or occasion. 

Music and live DJs, both local and international, are crucial aspects of many events at La Pirogue, to ensure that each moment here is spectacular and memorable. To show just how serious they are about music as a fundamental element to their immersive and unforgettable experiences, the four-star hotel has even launched its own recording studio, Sounds, the first of its kind in a hotel environment. 

The ultimate choice to set the mood for a vibey sunset sundowner session at La Pirogue, DJ JP Chronic's tunes are sure to make it all the more tempting to pop into Le Morne Beach Bar and to kick back and relax, favourite tipple in hand, with uninhibited views of the Mauritian sunset. 

The sundowner evenings are themed

Another wonderful aspect about these sundowner evenings is that no two are alike. While they take place each evening, they are all themed which provides an extra element of excitement to these unforgettable soirées. 


La Pirogue


Guests can expect anything from Punch (such as Passion Punch) and Champagne Sundowners to a Gin Bar evening, New Grove Sundowners (such as a Vanilla Mojito), Chamarel Sundowners (options include an exotic Ti Punch), Bougainville Sundowners (which include a Dark and Stormy) and an evening showcasing the tasty, signature La Pirogue cocktails, expertly created by the in house mixologist (such as the Coral Reef and the Oriental Breeze). The delicious drinks (you can view the full list of exotic drinks here) themselves are one aspect of the experience, but unrivalled views of the dramatic descent of the sun over the stunning Indian Ocean and smooth beats that really set the scene, ensure that every sunset at La Pirogue is unforgettable.  

La Pirogue is a sublime four-star hotel characterised by its authentic Mauritian charm and offers guests—from families to honeymooners—unparalleled experiences in Mauritius. Don’t miss out on this incredible event and book your stay at La Pirogue today. 

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