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Sounds at La Pirogue

June 04 2018

Situated in Flic-en-Flac, along with the gorgeous “sunset coast” of Mauritius, the magnificent four-star La Pirogue offers its guests an unparalleled luxury holiday experience in paradise with a distinct Mauritian charm. Here, dotted throughout the property and amongst the lush tropical garden and coconut grove (with over 4000 coconut palms!), stylish, boho-chic bungalows offer unbelievable luxury accommodation, an array of world-class dining options ensure guests have superb culinary experiences and a host of exciting activities keep guests—of all ages—well entertained. La Pirogue is undoubtedly the perfect destination for discerning jet-setters looking for a truly unique, and authentic, Mauritian resort for an unforgettable holiday with their loved ones. But La Pirogue’s offerings don’t stop there; from a sensational seafood barbeque on the beach to outstanding live entertainment, the array of unique offerings puts this picture-perfect resort in a category of its own. 

Speaking of unique offerings, La Pirogue also has recently unveiled their latest unique feature; “Sounds”—the world’s first professional recording studio in a hotel environment. Here’s what you need to know about this incredible new feature at La Pirogue:

The idea for the recording studio came at the perfect time

In an effort to make this four-star resort even more spectacular, La pirogue recently underwent a huge renovation. At the core of the renovation was a strong desire to offer guests new, unique and immersive offerings which would lead to unforgettable memories in this unbelievable slice of paradise. And so, unusual but phenomenal offerings such as the sophisticated Van der Stel Wine Bar and street food-inspired Coconut Cafe were introduced.


It was during this time that the idea of recording studio was suggested to La Pirogue and, being perfectly in-line with the resort’s goals of distinguishing themselves from other hotels in Mauritius by providing exceptional offerings, the hotel’s general manager, Andrew Slome, embraced the idea fully and explained “Our company has the ambition to differentiate itself from others by offering points of qualitative difference. No hotel in Mauritius and no hotel in the world has a professional recording studio. The idea immediately appealed to us, because it will also allow us to value local talent”. While hotels might have toyed with the idea before, being pioneers in the hospitality industry, La Pirogue decided they wanted to be the first to actually take the plunge. 

At the heart of the studio is the desire to boost local artists


Aptly named “Sounds”, the world-class recording studio is kitted out with the finest recording equipment around and is currently in the final stage of development. The intention for Sounds is that it will provide a professional space for established and budding local artists to record their music—something that until now, has not actually existed in Mauritius. In addition, Mauritius’ film industry has started to thrive which makes the timing to open a world-class recording studio totally spot on.

Both Andrew Slome and Vincent Mialle, who will head up the studio, are bent on promoting local artists. Mialle, who worked for 20 years at both France Inter and RTBL in Switzerland, stated that “Mauritian artists are quite exceptional. Our aim is to support them in making themselves known internationally by attracting ‘big names’ a few times a year and have them working together with local artists”.

Slome would also like to create a type of directory for all the Mauritian artists. This way, when an international artist or client is looking for a local Mauritian musician, La Pirogue can ensure they get in touch with the best possible candidates. Ultimately, La Pirogue would eventually like to create a music label for local artists, fuelled by a deep passion to ensure that Mauritian musicians have the opportunity and the resources to really thrive.


The state-of-the-art recording studio won’t only be for the professionals

While promoting professional musicians (both local and international) as well as aspiring musicians is a huge driving force behind Sounds, the recording studio will also be open to the general public, from hotel guests to local Mauritians; “We also have developed a range of products for the general public, such as ‘Star of the Day’”, Slome explains. “Anyone can come here and record in the same way a professional artist would do. They will also be filmed; we plan to create a clip for them according to a written scenario. On arrival, depending on their package, we propose just a soundtrack or sound and video capture in the studio or the soundtrack and a clip shot by us. It's really for everyone”. 

This means that any guest can choose to opt for a session at the studio for whatever sound recording they may need while staying at the resort. For artists or clients looking to complete entire projects at the hotel, La Pirogue even as a package named ‘Studio Sun’. This allows them to stay at the hotel for a fortnight while making use of the recording studio with all their needs taken care of. 

A studio unlike any other


Thanks to its unusual location in the hotel itself, Sounds, located on the second floor of the main building at La Pirogue, boasts outstanding panoramic views of the gorgeous tropical gardens, infinity pool, white sandy shores and glittering teal ocean, that fades into the horizon—specifically from the main recording suite. The absolutely stunning recording studios were created with the utmost care and consideration, each of the three recording rooms being completely soundproof and designed and arranged to have optimal recording conditions and minimal background noise. As outlined by Laurent Fourcade, another music professional involved with the project, each room has been fitted with the ultimate sound recording equipment with a well thought out strategy for each suite, “Technically, we made a simple choice: we unstructured the console and really went for a 2.0 environment. As our console is unstructured, we will have several work platforms. The artist will literally choose his work environment, which rarely exists anywhere else so far”.

La Pirogue has high hopes for Sounds

La Pirogue and the partners who worked together to create Sounds have high hopes for the unbelievable recording studio. Having perfectly married idyllic surroundings with world-class equipment and recording suites, Slome believes that artists will be inspired to record at this unique studio. The soft launch for Sounds took place on the 15th of May but it will be officially launched in June, with an inauguration that will include a number of local and foreign music professionals. The future promises to be bright for this innovative offering!

If you would like to be a part of this exciting launch, would like to make use of the Sounds into the future or would merely like to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime holiday at this magical resort then contact us. One thing is for sure, La Pirogue offers paradisiacal Mauritian holiday experiences like no other. 

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