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Opening of Van der Stel Wine Bar at La Pirogue

November 23 2017

A really good wine bar was missing on the West side of the island…

The Van der Stel wine bar was named after Adrian Van der Stel who was the Dutch Governor who introduced grapes to the cape. His Father was a Governor of Mauritius in the 1630’s. 

van der stel logo wine bar la pirogue

The Van der Stel wine bar offers 60 different wines by the glass sorted by taste and flavor, into crisp and fresh, mellow and aromatic whites as well as our blush, smooth and deep reds. Guests can enjoy a full range of wines from our state of the art dispensers, ensuring all the wines are freshly served at the perfect cellar temperature. The wine dispenser works with food grade nitrogen gas which as the wine is dispensed, fills the bottle hence oxidization is prevented. This keeps the wine fresh for a period of up to 6 weeks. 

How does it work? You just need to buy a wine membership card with a certain amount of credit on it and you are ready to embark on your wine experience. The user needs to put the card into the wine dispenser and have the opportunity to try the wine by just having a taster, or have a small or large glass depending on his preference. All this of course assisted by our team of sommeliers. 

The wine bar is open for lunch, in the afternoon through to dinner serving sharing platters of the finest charcuterie as well as a selection of cheeses and tapas. Members can enjoy the air conditioned wine bar for business lunches or social gathering with colleagues and friends. The Van der Stel Wine Bar is definitely a place to stop by during the day, before or after dinner, meet friends, and celebrate or just to spend a precious moment by yourself.

We look forward to welcoming our new members, wine lovers and amateurs who wish to discover this new addition to our Restaurants & Bars at La Pirogue.

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