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Making Timeless Memories at La Pirogue

November 30 2017

The gorgeous four-star La Pirogue is unlike any other resort on the island of Mauritius. Stunning, private thatched bungalows, created from the volcanic stone of Mauritius, are elegantly decorated with a boho-chic flair and enveloped by a magnificent tropical garden. Here, you are able to live out all of your island holiday dreams, along one of the most sublime stretches of beach. But, the beauty of this Mauritian resort is merely the tip of the iceberg of what guests can look forward to. Delicious, authentic and exotic Mauritian cuisine is served at the exquisite restaurants, signature cocktails are expertly fashioned at the bars and the evenings come alive to the sound of Sega performances or live entertainment. Guests who have the opportunity to enjoy this tropical oasis are rewarded with phenomenal memories bound to stand the test of time.
Creating breathtaking moments and immersive experiences for guests is a priority for La Pirogue. A stay here should not simply be an enjoyable holiday. It should be an incredible experience characterized by remarkable moments and surprises that are shared with your nearest and dearest. These are the moments that turn into memories that last a lifetime. This is the idea behind Sun Resorts’ Timeless Memories programme—to ensure guests at the magical resort of La Pirogue—and any of the Sun Resorts for that matter—have remarkable experiences while holidaying in paradise that they won’t be able to find elsewhere.
La Pirogue’s wonderful General Manager, Andrew Slome, gave us insight into what making Timeless Memories means to him. 
How did the concept of Timeless Memories come about?
Through the need to ensure that the guest experience on each property provided exactly that—exceptional moments and timeless memories. It also gave us (as management) the opportunity to raise standards in order to ensure our guests absolutely love their stay and want to come back time and time again.
What do you think or feel about the Timeless Memories concept?
The idea behind Timeless Memories is to create largely intangible experiences that enhance a guest’s stay. If they are implemented consistently with passion by all of our associates, I feel they will create an experience that is worthy of staying in one of our hotels for. And at the same time, I believe they are very difficult to replicate anywhere else.
How are you implementing Timeless Memories at la Pirogue?
The tangible elements of the beach experience have either been constructed or purchased. Intensive awareness and training amongst our associates have been carried out and the reaction of guests is being measured.
How have your guests responded to the Timeless Memories offered at La Pirogue?
Guests have responded very positively.
How has La Pirogue put their mark on the Timeless Memories concept—in other words, what makes your Timeless Memories different from any other resort?
Our Timeless Memories are related to the unique DNA of our resort, which is wonderfully Mauritian in feel and charm. For example, the beach movie is screened on the sail of a ‘pirogue’—one of the traditional Mauritian fishing boats. The arrival of all guests at the resort is also special and surprising, where guests are welcomed by a typical Mauritian Sega drummer
What is your favourite Timeless Memories offering at La Pirogue and why?

The sunset ceremony each day as the sun sets is incredible and allows guests to enjoy that special time on the west coast.
Do you have anything else to add about Timeless Memories (that you would like guests to know?)
Most our amazing Timeless Memories experiences are afforded to guests on a complimentary basis.
This incredible programme of Timeless Memories is implemented in each of the Sun Resorts—Sugar Beach, La Pirogue, Long Beach and Ambre in Mauritius and Kanuhura in the Maldives. The foundation of the Timeless Memories concept is built on seven pillars: Sun Beach, Sunrise and Sunset, Sun Mixology, Sun Luxury Moments, Sun Kids, Sun Golf and Sun Memory Lab. Each pillar opens a world of incredible delights. 
For guests eager to understand a little bit more of what each exciting pillar holds, here is a sneak peek at the types of experiences you can enjoy while on holiday with your loved ones at La Pirogue:

Sun Beach Sun Beach
Wonderful beach butlers cater to your every need on the beautiful stretch of beach at La Pirogue. Not only that, you also have the option of reserving one of the luxury sunbeds available which offers sun-worshippers the ultimate, exclusive beach experience. 







Sunrise & SunsetSunrise and Sunset
Experience the beauty and quiet of dawn with an incredible and invigorating paddle session and bring in the glorious Mauritian evenings with a signature cocktail in hand, mixed to perfection by world-class mixologists. Marvel at the beauty of nature as the sky changes colour from brilliant orange to pinks and purples—this is island living at its finest.   





MixologySun Mixology
Mauritian rum, tropical fruit and excellent bartenders and mixologists, the Sun Mixology experience are bound to open a world of exotic flavours and sensorial experiences. Learn to make your favourite tipple yourself or simply enjoy the themed cocktail of the day. 






Sun Luxury MomentsSun Luxury Moments
These are small surprises and special moments created to fully embrace the luxury of this wonderful four-star resort. From lessons in traditional instruments to an exemplary welcome, La Pirogue strives to make every moment special and unique. 






Sun KidsSun Kids
Exceptional moments and surprises are not reserved for the bigger guests only but La Pirogue’s smaller fans too. La Pirogue strives to ensure that kids feel appropriately spoiled and delighted on their holiday in paradise. Special classes are offered for children, which range from scrapbooking classes and kite making sessions to paddle classes. Special and delicious menus are carefully created to suit the palates of young gourmets with an incredible “cocktail” menu created especially for children. 





Sun GolfSun Golf
Avid golfing fans will be thrilled to hear that they have their own unique set of Timeless Memories at La Pirogue. From a specialised golfers cocktail to golf academy lessons and a specifically created golfer’s massage, you can rest assured that La Pirogue will ensure your golfing holiday is absolutely out of this world. 






Sun Memory LabSun Memory Lab
Exceptional moments enjoyed in paradise deserved to be properly captured and documented, which is why La Pirogue has an array of Sun Memory Lab offerings. From a professional photographer who can capture your favourite moments with friends to an array of photography equipment for rent and prime selfie spots, La Pirogue is committed to helping you get those special snaps which will add to memories that last a lifetime.



If you are looking for an outstanding resort that exudes incredible Mauritian charm and offers wonderful signature experiences that the entire family is sure to enjoy then look no further than La Pirogue. Bask in the sun as you enjoy a blissful day on the picturesque beach, marvel at a traditional Mauritian Sega extravaganza and indulge in a signature cocktail as you watch the sun dip into the ocean. At La Pirogue, you are sure to have remarkable experiences that transform into timeless memories.

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