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Golf in Mauritius at Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club

November 08 2017

Topaz waters bordered by endless white beaches and dramatic volcanic exteriors make Mauritius a dreamlike retreat for intrepid travellers searching for the ultimate island destination. But Mauritius is more than its sublime shores and perfect weather, it’s undoubtedly a world-class golfing destination with some of the world’s most beautiful golf courses, namely, the fabled Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club. The definition of a golfer’s paradise, this 18-hole championship golf provides ardent fans and amateurs alike the chance to experience a unique and memorable golf course surrounded by uninhibited beauty. Here, set amongst exotic gardens, pristine greens and surrounded by azure tropical waters, you are sure to experience an unrivalled game of golf in Mauritius. Here are some of the reasons why a game at Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club is bound to be nothing short of remarkable:

It’s a Tropical Oasis


Commonly thought of as the “island’s island”, Ile aux Cerfs, situated just off the east coast of Mauritius, is exquisitely unique, with its golf course being one of the few courses in the world & the only golf course in Mauritius situated on its own exclusive island - spanning 38 hectares of the southern part of the 87 hectare isle - completely surrounded by the Indian Ocean. Translated into English as the “Island of the Deer”, Ile aux Cerfs has a fascinating history, once being the place where deer imported from Java were kept and hunted, today, an island of relaxation and leisure, where the perfect game of golf in Mauritius is coupled with exceptional food and drinks enjoyed in phenomenal settings. The only golf course of the island that is devoid of any commercial buildings and hotel developments, your game on these greens promises uninterrupted island views and a full immersion in the natural, lush surrounds. 

A Bernhard Langer Signature Golf Course


bernhard langer on the greens at l'ile aux cerfs golf club


For any avid golfer, the name Bernhard Langer is sure to be synonymous with the best golfers in the world. This famed two-times Masters champion and former Ryder Cup Captain designed this breathtaking par 72 championship course in 2003 and has weaved his unique signature style into every one of the 18 holes, complemented by rolling greens and laced with fine streams and rivers. The 18-hole golf course - with two playable greens on the 18th hole -was created in partnership with IMG Consultancy and stretches over a huge portion of the island. Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club has won international acclaim having been voted by Golf World Magazine as No.1 of the Top 20 Must Play Golf Courses in a Lifetime in October 2016 and by readers of Golf Journal as the Best International Golf Course in June 2017, and has certainly contributed to Mauritius’ status as a world-class golfing destination. Recently, our golf course has been ranked No. 1 at the 2020 Golfers' Choice Award for Best Golf Club in Mauritius by Leading courses.  


No Gear? No Problem!

Golf Club


You only have to travel with your full golfing kit and gear once to know how incredibly difficult it can be. And if the idea of a relaxing golf holiday in Mauritius is tainted by the thought of having your golfing gear in tow, the good news is, you can still enjoy an excellent day on the greens without it. Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club’s extensive Pro Shop has everything you could possibly need, from sunscreen to golfing attire, shoes, balls and more, and the excellent staff are on hand to help you find the perfect items. If you have left your clubs or shoes behind but don’t want to buy, we also offer the option of hiring certain items ensuring that your days spent on the greens are completely stress- and hassle-free.

The Golfer's Private Beach

Ile aux Cerfs Private Beach


Getting “stuck on the beach” in golf is generally not a good thing unless you are playing a game on a paradisiacal island where there is a private beach, exclusively reserved for golfers to luxuriate in the Mauritian sun in between incredible rounds of golf. Another wonderful unique offering, Ile aux Cerfs exclusive Golfer’s Beach, is a short 500m from the clubhouse. Here, you will find a tranquil retreat on an exquisite stretch of beach enhanced by personalised butler services. An outstanding a la carte seafood barbeque is offered daily from 11 am into the late afternoon, where gorgeous authentic Mauritian delicacies, such as the famed palm heart salad, and wonderfully fresh seafood can be enjoyed, accompanied by one of the many delectable cocktails on offer. While it’s easy to get caught up in a phenomenal game of golf, ensure that you enjoy some downtime on Golfer's Beach, which promises a wonderful beach experience on your own secluded slice of paradise.

A Golf Academy for Beginners


beginner practicing at l'ile aux cerfs golf club


For beginners or those that would like to get in a bit of practice before they tee off, there is a spectacular golfing academy at Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club. Two excellent in-house pros can teach first-timers the basics or give you excellent advice to help you perfect your swing to ensure you make the most of your round. While the course is renowned for being technically challenging, the golf academy gives beginners and amateurs the opportunity to bask in the beauty of the course while learning to appreciate the game.

It Feels Like a VIP Experience Every Time


18th hole with view on langers bar and grill ile aux cerfs golf club mauritius


From the minute you arrive to the moment you leave Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club, you are treated as a VIP. If you choose to arrive by speedboat, a golf car will be waiting to chauffeur you to the clubhouse. If you arrive in the morning and order a warm beverage at Langer’s Bar and Grill, you will be offered a range of complimentary pastries and when you start your game, there will be a ‘starter’s kiosk’, equipped with complimentary snacks and refreshments while the roaming golf car provides refreshments and new towels for players on the greens. You can even hire the services of our golf pros who will accompany you for a 9-hole or a full 18-hole round.

Being a large course, there are golf cars available for rent, and even these are totally state of the art. Fully equipped with a GPS of the course, players are able to order food and beverages through their golf cars that also come with fresh towels and bottles of water. Having an extraordinary day on the greens is made easy at Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club.

Offers Several Dining Options




If the sumptuous seaside barbeque at Golfers' Beach does not tempt you, then there is more than enough choice for food on Ile aux Cerfs. Langer’s Bar and Grill and has all the comforting clubhouse fare you could wish for - Sydney’s Hamburger and Langer’s Cocktail being two of the favourite choices on the menu. Those that would like to get a taste for the rest of the island, can explore the three excellent restaurants on the Leisure Island portion of Ile aux Cerfs; fresh seafood at Sands Grill, phenomenal woodfired pizzas at Sands Bar and Chaumiere Masala Restaurant offering Mauritian, Chinese and Indian cuisine. One thing is for sure, there’s no shortage of wonderful dining options at Ile aux Cerfs.

It’s Wonderfully Challenging

IAC Golf


Of course playing a game of golf anywhere in Mauritius is going to be a great experience, but it would be a pity to play the same type of simple courses you can play at home. Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club is renowned for being technically challenging, perfect for players interested in showcasing their skills and challenging themselves to be the best players they can be.

Ile aux Cerfs Offers More Than Golf

Ile aux Cerfs


The great thing about Ile aux Cerfs is that it’s not reserved exclusively for golfers. Leisure Island offers ample activities to enjoy before or after your game of golf and will keep your family entertained while you enjoy a peaceful round surrounded by mesmerising vistas. Whether it’s land or water-based activities, a day spent in the lagoon, excellent bars and restaurants or just some time spent on the beach that you are craving, Ile aux Cerfs has it all.  

A Golf Game at Ile aux Cerfs Is Anything But Ordinary

A day spent at Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club, as you probably have realised by now, won’t be an ordinary day spent on the greens. A day here is an adventure, the tone of which is set from the beginning of your journey as you travel to the island. Those that enjoy novel experiences will be thrilled to hear that you can only arrive at Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club in one of two ways; by speedboat from Pointe Maurice or via a helicopter. Select your favourite of the two and let the adventure begin.

If you are interested in a spectacular game of golf on Ile aux Cerfs, then we highly recommend a stay at one of our luxurious Sun Resorts*. With Sun Resorts, your golf holidays in Mauritius can be everything you want it to be and more.

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