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Flights to Mauritius

May 30 2019

Mauritius is a fabulous destination for any type of traveller - it’s the ultimate tropical oasis for memorable family holidays, romantic getaways and adventurous escapades. With a host of activities which range from water sports and boat trips to hiking, diving, snorkelling, sightseeing and more, it truly makes for a sublime holiday destination. 
And that’s only the very tip of the iceberg of offerings in Mauritius. Apart from the unparalleled natural beauty of the island, the scintillating azure lagoons, picture-perfect beaches and the array of phenomenal activities, Mauritius is home to world-class hotels, unique culinary experiences, sensational, and often extremely rare, wildlife as well as a magical, eclectic culture that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. And, one of the best parts? Many airlines offer direct flights to this stunning island destination and where direct flights aren’t available, it’s still surprisingly easy to access. 
Here’s what you need to know about flights to Mauritius:
Mauritius is home to a world-class international airport


The international airport in Mauritius - the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport (MRU) - is where all international flights arrive and depart. If you travel during the day, before you land at the airport you can enjoy breathtaking views of the undulating volcanic landscapes. The airport is a convenient 45-minute drive from the capital city of Mauritius Port Louis and here, travellers can exchange or draw money (the local and most widely accepted currency here is the Mauritian Rupee), receive information about the island (such as the types of activities on offer and where you can enjoy them), grab a bite to eat and easily catch a taxi to your hotel. 
December tends to be the most popular time to fly
Given the fact that many countries have a number of holidays in December, and the fact that it’s one of the most consistently warm months in Mauritius, December is often the most popular time to fly to Mauritius. Peak times generally go hand in hand with peak prices, which means that the flights to Mauritius will probably also be the most expensive during this festive month. 
You might be able to fly for less in February
If you are travelling on a budget or looking to see your money stretch further, then one of the best times to fly is generally in February. This is a wonderful time to travel to Mauritius as the temperatures are still very warm (the warmest month statistically being January) - but, one of the reasons it may be cheaper is that it also falls into the cyclone season and there can be a lot of rainfall during this time. May to October and November to December generally boast comfortable, yet warm, temperatures and low rainfall, with intense temperatures between January and April. 
While the most expensive and most reasonable months to fly are typically December and February respectively, prices for flights really depend on a multitude of factors such as how far in advance you book, where you are flying from, what time you fly and which airline you choose. Booking your flights to Mauritius last minute may result in inflated prices, so aim to book a month or more before you travel. 
There might be more cost-effective times and days to travel
As mentioned above, there are many variables that can influence the price of flights to Mauritius, but if your travel dates are flexible and you are on a budget, you might want to consider flying on a Tuesday afternoon which is typically cheaper than flying at other times or on other days. Morning flights tend to cost more, and flights on Saturdays are typically the most expensive. 
You can scour online booking sites for the best prices on flights to Mauritius
To ensure that you get the best bang for your buck when booking flights to Mauritius, it’s definitely worth taking a look at reputable travel or flight booking sites, like Skyscanner or They search hundreds of flights and present you with a huge array of offerings allowing you to choose which times and prices are best for your trip. 
A number of airlines fly to Mauritius
If you are flying from certain parts of the world, you might be lucky enough to get direct flights to Mauritius, making for a convenient trip to paradise. 

air mauritius

Air Mauritius, British Airways and TUI fly directly to Mauritius from the United Kingdom, with Emirates, Air France, South African Airways, KLM, Turkish Airlines, Air India, Singapore Airlines, Air Austral, Lufthansa and Egyptair being some of the other top airlines that fly to Mauritius with convenient and oftentimes direct flights, making your journey as seamless as possible. 

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