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Fishing in Mauritius: Where Are the Best Spots?

October 25 2017

Fishing in Mauritius: The Fish You Can Find and Where to Find Them

Mauritius is a remarkable destination for those in search of phenomenal water-based activities, and it offers more than incredible opportunities for kitesurfing, diving and surfing. Travellers yearning for their spot in the sun are not the only ones attracted to Mauritius because of its tropical weather and warm waters: it’s famed for the incredible variety of fish that frequent its shores—which has led to it ranking as one of the world’s greatest big game fishing destinations. Fishing in Mauritius is not only a favourite pastime for tourists, it’s played a vital role in the lives of many locals for decades, and as you explore the island, you will still see the charming traditional Mauritian fishing boats (also called pirogues) dotted along the coast. For many, it’s still a source of income (locals typically sell their fresh catches to the markets) or provides a practical way to feed their families.


Fishing in Mauritius

But shore fishing with the locals isn’t the only way to experience fishing in Mauritius—as angling become more and more popular with tourists, so big game fishing arose to add an extra level of excitement to an already enjoyable activity in paradise. These days, the options are manifold: you can opt for an exciting excursion of a lifetime big game fishing (with half day, full day or even longer trips that take guests to one of the four Mauritian fishing banks), fish along the shore with the locals, try your hand at jigging, catch and keep the fish yourself, or catch and release, which makes it an exemplary destination for fishing enthusiasts of varying preferences. Mauritius boasts a plentitude of charter companies that offer a variety of packages, with varying amenities and boat capacities. Most of the boats are now even equipped with GPS and fish finders.  

The varieties of fish

As we already mentioned, Mauritius is a popular destination for those who enjoy fishing largely because of the abundance of fish found in its azure tropical waters—some species are more prolific at specific times of the year, while others can be found year-round. Here are some of the fish you can find while fishing in Mauritius:

Bonito: The bonito is an incredibly tasty fish found in Mauritius and it comes from the same family of fish as tuna and mackerel. These fish can grow to weigh approximately 40 lbs.



Dorado: Another favourite, the dorado, also known as the common dolphinfish, is often found while fishing in Mauritius and can get weigh up to 70 lbs.

Cobalt Blue Marlin: One of the prized fish for those fishing in Mauritius, the gorgeous and famed Cobalt Blue Marlin species can be absolutely massive (weighing as much as 1500 lbs). It is typically found in the summer months from November to April.

Sharks: Occasionally people catch sharks which tend to be hammerheads, tiger sharks and the mako shark. These can be found throughout the year and are often huge (in fact, the world record for mako sharks was broken when one was found in Mauritius weighing 1115 lbs).

Yellowfin Tuna: The yellowfin tuna is an extraordinarily fast, strong fighting fish and can be found in Mauritius towards the end of summer in March and April. It can weigh up to 400 lbs.

Skipjack Tuna: A relatively abundant tuna (and in many places, it’s the type of fish used for canned tuna), this fish is a powerful fighting fish and is found year-round in Mauritius. They can weigh up to 45 lbs.

Wahoo: This is one of the most highly sought after fish when fishing in Mauritius. This extraordinarily fast game fish is in the same family as king mackerel, has a similar flavour and can weight up to 120 lbs.

Sailfish: The sailfish is a billfish in the same family as the marlin, but the sailfish is considerably faster (as well as smaller, generally reaching maximum weights of around 140 lbs).




Now that you know what you are looking for, here are the best places to go fishing in Mauritius:

East coast

For those interested in inshore fishing, one of the best places on the island is along the east coast. Here the fish species will differ from the big game species described above; you’ll be able to catch the likes of snappers, barracudas and giant trevallies. One of the best spots on the island to fish giant trevallies is in the waters of Post la Fayette, just off the public beach. For big game fishing, many boats head out from Trou d'eau Douce (which translates into ‘Sweet Water Hole’) one of the most popular big game fishing spots in Mauritius.

Northwest Coast

In the northwest of the island, you will find Trou aux Biches—another fabulous spot for fishing in Mauritius. Amazingly calm expanses of vivid blue waters hold an abundance of marine life. In the open waters here, you have the opportunity to catch yellowfin tuna, sailfish, marlin and dorado.

Southwest Coast

The beautiful stretch of coast in the southwest of Mauritius known as Le Morne is famous for being an exceptional spot for kitesurfing and surfing. But what many may not know is that just off its coast is a spectacular big game fishing spot too. A boat ride a mere five minutes to the far side of the reef will have you in the fishing hotspot where fish are in abundance and you can battle it out with some of the big game fish species.

West Coast

Le Morne

With Le Morne offering some of the best possible spots to go big game fishing in Mauritius, it should be no surprise that its neighbouring district in the west, Black River (or Grande Riviere Noire), is by far the best destination to go fishing in Mauritius. All of the important fishing competitions have taken place in this area over the years including the Marlin World Cup and, despite its name, the Le Morne Anglers’ Club is actually set along the coast in the Black River district. With calmer waters than the on east coast, the west coast is privy to some excellent fishing conditions where anglers (from beginner to expert) can try their hand at fishing for tuna, sharks and marlin not too far from the coral reef.

While there is a myriad of places to go fishing in Mauritius, there’s no doubt that the west is by far the favourite and the best. Are you searching for the ideal accommodation situated in the west, in close proximity to the best fishing spot on the island? Then look no further than La Pirogue. With a name, and an entire property, that pays homage to the art of fishing (and the traditional fishing boats used in Mauritius), you certainly can’t go wrong. We have everything you could possibly need or want at this phenomenal four-star, all-inclusive hotel situated right on the beach. And if you require our input on the best possible fishing trips to take, we will gladly advise you, ensuring that each aspect of your experience in Mauritius is memorable.

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