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Every Day is a New Adventure at La Pirogue’s Sun Kids Club

November 09 2017

Travelling with children can be both challenging and rewarding. Holidays are, of course, fantastic opportunities to spend some quality time with your kids but, it also provides a fantastic opportunity for them to engage with other children from all over the world and make the most of your chosen destination in ways that they can truly enjoy. That’s why we at La Pirogue Resort and Spa feel that it’s so important to have a superb kids club that has everything kids could possibly want and need for a magical trip to Mauritius. Here’s why our Sun Kids Club is the perfect place for your precious children to spend their holiday in paradise:

It has a prime location


La Pirogue Sun Kids


We believe kids should be right in the middle of the action, which is why the kids club is conveniently located practically in the centre of our resort. Situated amongst vivid tropical gardens a stone’s throw from our gorgeous Mauritian beach, our Sun Kids are never far from the activity and excitement—which also gives you the chance to pop off to the beach or the bar knowing that you can easily check in on your kids at any time. Not only is the kids club itself in a great spot, the whole resort is wonderfully located along one of the most breathtaking stretches of beach around with its soft powdery sand that fades into azure tropical waters—the perfect backdrop to a memorable holiday in Mauritius with your family.  

Your children are treated like VIPs

At La Pirogue’s Sun Kids Club, your kids will be treated like the VIPs they are. From their arrival and registration at the kids club to their departure, our younger fans will be given special treats and surprises. If your child happens to be celebrating their birthday while on holiday with us, then they are in for an extra surprise—we make a fuss on birthdays so that our Sun Kids feel like little princes or princesses on their big day.

It’s open every day

Our Sun Kids Club is open daily and available to children between the ages of 2-11—provided the former are toilet trained. If they aren’t toilet trained then they are still welcome to join in the fun as long as they are accompanied by a parent or a babysitter (which can be arranged for a nominal fee). They will then be categorised into a suitable age group so that they can relish age-appropriate classes and activities. Opening hours are from 9:30 to 22:00 which gives children ample time to enjoy the facilities and gives parents the opportunity to break away for a romantic dinner or get in a little bit of rest and relaxation for themselves between spending quality time with their kids, knowing that their kids will be safe, entertained and happy. 

There’s a huge range of extraordinary activities

La Pirogue Sun Kids


There’s virtually no limit to the number and variety of activities on offer at the Sun Kids Club at La Pirogue. No matter what type of activities your children enjoy and excel at there are bound to be the right activities for them. From wonderful arts and craft sessions to cooking classes (where they get to make their own pizzas), putt-putt, water sports (depending on their age), glass bottom boat trips and a host of other land- and water-based activities—there’s something for every child. They are also treated to puppet shows, movie evenings and have ample time to explore the exciting kids club itself, fully equipped with an incredible jungle gym.

It’s designed to be a special (and safe) environment for kids

The kids club at La Pirogue has been designed from start to finish with tiny tots in mind. From the colourful decor and areas for naps to the small chairs and tables, the children’s amenities in the bathroom, the little stage for exciting puppet shows and theatrical performances to the huge array of toys, games, arts and crafts equipment—your kids can spend hours indulging in their favourite activities (under constant guidance and supervision, of course). The Sun Kids Club has been designed to be an enchanting, fun safe space for kids on holiday. 

It’s a free service

Another great thing about the kids club at La Pirogue? It’s free! All you need to do is make sure that your kids are registered on the morning of the day (or days) they would like to participate in and let them enjoy the variety of activities on offer. There are the occasional activities and excursions which are optional and come with an additional fee, but if your child opts not to go for that activity, there will definitely be another (free) option to keep them entertained. 

Kids can enjoy meals with their friends

If you want to take a romantic cruise or enjoy a wonderful dinner with your spouse, then allowing your kids to enjoy a meal at the kids club is a great idea. While this comes with a small fee, you can rest assured that your kids are catered for while you enjoy some time alone with your partner. The menus are specially created with children’s favourites in mind and made with the same care as the food for the parents. Please note that if your child suffers from any allergies, it’s vital that you inform the kids club caretakers on registration, that way, we can prepare a delightful meal for your child, free from any of the ingredients they are allergic to. 

There’s something for the teens too


La Pirogue Teens


If you have teens who are still a little “too cool” to be hanging out with their parents all the time then don’t despair! While the Sun Kids Club won’t be appropriate for them, we also have an incredible Sun Teens Club, where equally exhilarating activities are planned for your slightly older kids. This club is open to teenagers between the ages of 12-17 and ensures that teens are well looked after and can enjoy all the resort has to offer in the safest ways possible. Beach bonfire parties, ‘Olympic’ tournaments, games of putt-putt, water sports and exciting excursions are some of the wonderful activities the teens can enjoy with other kids in their age group. It’s places like the Sun Kids and Sun Teens Clubs where kids can make friendships that last a lifetime. 

Special times of the year warrant extraordinary programmes

Our daily kids club programmes are carefully created to be special and filled with all sorts of imaginative games and activities to occupy our small, energetic and curious guests. But if you happen to travel over the festive season or Easter, then your kids are treated to extraordinary daily programmes, filled with incredible surprises, adventures and treats. Occasion-themed arts and crafts classes, Easter egg hunts, and themed games are offered to make these wonderful times even more magical for our little guests.

If you are looking for the perfect family getaway, then the charming La Pirogue is an exceptional choice. With an authentic Mauritian spirit, excellent choices for dining, family units with connecting doors and the ultimate kids and teens club set along one of the most incredible beaches in Mauritius, it literally has something for everyone.