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    44 years of the iconic La Pirogue !

    June 03 2020

    June 7th 1976 - June 7th 2020: La Pirogue celebrates its 44th anniversary !



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    On June 7th 1976, La Pirogue cast its anchor on the fringes of a small fishing village called Flic en Flac, on the west coast of Mauritius.

    Dr. Ramgoolam at the inauguration - 1976

    Inspired by the authentic and rustic feel of the location, Dutch architect Joseph Van Melick designed a hotel resembling a fishing village, with 200 thatched bungalows built of volcanic stone.

    thatched roofs la pirogue


    The buildings’ iconic roofs evoke the unfurled sails of a pirogue.

    la pirogue main building flowers


    Breaking stereotypes:

    Upon its launch, La Pirogue recruited 120 young women for a variety of jobs. A first in this still very traditional and male dominated industry. “The pool waitresses would be dressed in twopiece sega-style uniforms, while the wine waitresses, serving in the à la carte restaurant, would wear a more sophisticated fulllength dress.” AFRICA WOMAN N°3, FEB/MARCH 1976



    Major milestones:

    1982: La Pirogue Became part of Sun Resorts Limited

    The hotel was acquired by Sun Resorts Limited Group, and Sun International took over its management. The Group’s founder was the visionary Sol Kerzner, a leading figure within the hospitality sector.


    1984: Marlin World’s Cup

    The Marlin World Cup, one of the world’s most prestigious deep sea fishing competitions, was taken over by Joe Kentgens (La Pirogue’s first General Manager under Sun International) and Jean-Pierre Henry (a master of deep sea fishing in Mauritius).

    Marlin World Cup


    1984: Le Canard Laqué

    La Pirogue opened one of the first Peking duck restaurants on the island! An innovation at the time, as any self-respecting Mauritian now considers this Chinese culinary delicacy as a staple dish at festive dinners.

    le canard laque


    1986: Small initiatives but great results

    The filao trees on the property, though typical of the Mauritian coastline, were replaced by a coconut grove for practical and aesthetic reasons. The filaos’ prickly seeds carpeted the ground and prevented the grass from growing, requiring constant maintenance. While the locals are used to walking on them, this is emphatically not the case for our guests! Always a Yes for a better environment and a healthy Flora and Fauna!

    coconut grove


    1994: The Royal Year

    Their Royal Highnesses, the Duke of Edinburgh – the husband of Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom – and his son, Prince Edward, inaugurated the hotel’s two royal suites.

    duke of Edinburgh


    2003: “Quality is not just a word, it’s our Habit”

    The hotel closed for 3 months, the first and only time in 30 years, to undergo major renovation work, including the construction of the current pool (the previous one was located near the restaurant) and the Coconut Café. The lobby and conference rooms were also refurbished. Some significant changes, perhaps, but always in line with La Pirogue’s architecture and DNA.


    2016: 40th Anniversary of La Pirogue, under the Management of Mr Andrew Slome

    Forty years later, this pioneer in the Mauritian hospitality sector is reinventing itself in order to face fresh challenges. The rooms, public areas and restaurants are being refurbished and brought up to date. Every effort will be made to preserve their authenticity and their unique Mauritian charm, which are the establishment’s timeless hallmarks that never go out of style.

    Andrew Slome far right


    2020: 44th Anniversary of La Pirogue, under the Management of Mr Andrew Slome

    "For the first time in its 44 year history La Pirogue is celebrating its anniversary without any of its usual guests who frequent the hotel at this time of the year. But our legendry Mauritian spirit remains unchanged as does that of our team of dedicated associates who have not lost their smiles in spite of the challenging times we all face. Let’s hope that we can soon look forward to the return to normality and to welcoming back  our customers who we so sadly miss.  Long live Las Pirogue and may we celebrate together again in the coming year." Andrew Slome

    Andrew Slome

    FREE PRESENT : The La Pirogue BOOK (click to download)


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