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The World Cup Stadium at La Pirogue

June 14 2018

2018 is sure to be a thrilling year for football. Why? You guessed it, because it’s a FIFA World Cup year. Whether you are an avid football fan or simply love to get swept up in the magic of this global event, you are probably going to want to watch a few of the biggest games, in fact, there are some that you just can’t miss! And with the start of the FIFA World Cup in Russia just around the corner, football fever is starting to hit as the days are counted down and the excitement for this unbelievable event mounts. A truly remarkable event, this year’s football spectacle, which is set to kick off on the 14th of June, will be held in the enigmatic country of Russia; a destination of intrigue and wonder, of Russian dolls and enchanting architecture, of white nights and vodka - there’s no doubt that this is a fascinating backdrop for one of the world’s most anticipated and watched events. 

The FIFA World Cup is an outstanding sporting event. Not only does it showcase some of the world’s best football teams and talent in oftentimes exhilarating matches (the nail-biting final between France and Italy in 2006 comes to mind) but it brings together people from all over the world and all walks of life. From the townships of South Africa to high-end Parisian cafes and exclusive events, people can come together and share their love for football and for their countries. Even people from countries that don’t qualify for the tournament love to join in the fun, supporting another special team as if it was their own. 

It’s (generally) a time of acceptance, a time where strangers become friends and a type of solidarity takes place where language and belief systems are transcended as we unite in our love for this wonderful global event. The experience is nothing short of exhilarating. Whether you are a football (soccer/calcio/futbol or voetbal) fan or not, there’s no denying that this is an enthralling tournament, one that even the most uninterested viewers get passionate about.  

As final preparations take place for the big event, you may be wondering what this year’s FIFA World Cup may look like for you - where will you be enjoying this sensational tournament? 

If you are headed to Mauritius over this time and not sure where you can take part in an extraordinary World Cup experience, then we have some good news for you! La Pirogue has created their very own ‘World Cup Stadium’, where guests and locals alike can embrace the thrill of the FIFA World Cup in style. Here’s what you need to know about this incredible offering:

It’s a sensational ‘Stadium’ built by Sun Resorts

This unbelievable concept was created by the phenomenal Sun Resorts group, which boasts a high-end portfolio of stellar resorts in both Mauritius and the Maldives, the sensational La Pirogue being one of their remarkable four-star resorts. The ‘World Cup Stadium’ at La Pirogue is an unusual offering, created to ensure guests and locals have an extraordinary place to witness the 2018 FIFA World Cup. This pop-up bar concept actually takes the form of two interconnected domes at La Pirogue, along the gorgeous Flic en Flac coast, that have slightly different offerings, but one thing guests can be sure of no matter which dome they opt for; each and every game will be televised live in the Stadium starting from the 14th of June until the final on the 15th of July.  

You can decide what kind of World Cup experience you have

bar area at the stadium la pirogue

The two domes that form the Stadium offer guests a slightly different experience depending on which dome they opt for. Dome A is reserved for a stadium-like experience with special VIP seating and bottle services packages while Dome B will be a more casual affair, with more of a pub-like feel where guests are welcome to enjoy the game while standing and making the most of the bar. A beer garden sponsored by Gister Beer will also be opened by the Stadium near the sea, where beer, snacks and sandwiches can be enjoyed in the most gorgeous surrounds. To ensure that guests at the Stadium have an exceptional experience, there are a number of different entrance and package options. Here are the basics:

the stadium


The Gister Stadium

gister stadium

The Gister Stadium Package - Rs 1500  
12 beers 
(This is for three people and includes 6 vouchers)
The Gister Stadium Package - Rs 2500 
24 beers
(This is for 5 people and includes 10 vouchers)

The Stadium will also showcase the smooth tunes of DJ Shehzad
To set the tone for your World Cup 2018 experience, DJ Shehzad will be playing incredible music between matches and after goals have been scored at La Pirogue’s Stadium. This outstanding DJ has made quite a name for himself and is set to fly to even greater heights in 2018. This talented local DJ will not only ensure your World Cup experience is phenomenal and exciting, but his fine tunes are sure to enhance your entire island holiday. 
The Stadium is open to guests of Sun Resorts, guests of other hotels and locals
In celebration of the global tournament the Stadium is open to anyone who would like to enjoy the World Cup in style. From in-house guests and guests at other Sun Resort to guests from other hotels and locals - all are welcome at the Stadium (provided it hasn’t been booked out already!) for truly memorable World Cup experiences. Don’t miss out on any of the thrilling World Cup matches with Sun Resorts and La Pirogue. 

Bookings are strongly suggested

Spaces are limited in the phenomenal Stadium domes and to ensure that you don’t miss out on witnessing your favourite team play in the World Cup, then we highly recommend booking ahead of time. Take a look at the match timetable to see when your team is playing, select a package (if you want to ensure your World Cup viewing experiences is remarkable) and get in touch with us to book your spot!

If you want to ensure that you are a part of the incredible World Cup vibe and experience at La Pirogue, then contact us to reserve your place and book your package. You can also keep updated with the latest offerings and match timetable on our Facebook page. This is bound to be a holiday experience you will never forget.

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