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Allowing yourself to surrender to a blissful island holiday can be surprisingly difficult. While the lure of the beach and all its promises of sun-soaked relaxation can be strong, the worries of daily life can be difficult to overcome. Embrace our incredible wellbeing activities and allow yourself to have the exceptional, and relaxing, holiday you deserve. 


Find your centre

The wellbeing activities at La Pirogue were specifically created to ensure that our guests can exercise both body and mind in order to enjoy a truly carefree holiday in paradise. Let all your worries fade away as you focus on a game of giant chess, ensuring that you stay mentally active and fit. Partake in a Tae Bo class to ensure you stay coordinated and active while allowing stress to leave your body on a physical level or enjoy a session of yoga, nurturing both body and mind, with stretches, poses, gratitude and meditation, all working in harmony to ensure you relax into your island holiday.